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Dovetail is a development toolkit for building database-backed web sites in Java. It is specifically designed to address some serious problems which arise in building a reliable, testable website with server-side Java and a relational database.

Dovetail is a member of the family of projects.

Dovetail powers the programming contests website If you want to do a little Java coding just for fun, check it out.

Dovetail is distributed under the LGPL license, which you can always find on the GNU website.

For further information and documentation, see:

Dovetail includes a number of 3rd-party Java libraries. You'll need to have them all in your classpath if you want Dovetail to work. For a list of these libraries, see here.

Current Status

The SurveySite example is a fairly complete example of a working Dovetail site, but it does not include setup instructions or much explanation. The most important thing that I need to provide is information on how to run the various Dovetail tools in order to generate all the code that is required for the site to work. I'm going to write some Ant build files to do this.

See the Todo list for other tasks, besides documentation, that are in the queue.

If you are interested in using or contributing to Dovetail, let me know.

Dovetail is hosted by SourceForge